Skill with a little something extra


To share the best

French crafts...

We want to be transparent in our desire to show off the talent of our artisans because behind each product lies an individual with a unique skill. Let us help you give top quality and enjoyable gifts inside sophisticated boxes designed to be reused to reflect our commitment to environmental responsibility.

... with personalised

gift boxes

A personal message increases the joy of receiving a gift! No need to write your opus - simplicity and poetry are always a safe bet! For this we are delighted to be able to rely on the words and pictures of Justine Métairie, an artist and illustrator from Auvergne, to say just the right thing for any occasion, making LA BOÎTE FRANÇAISE a new way of communicating!


A box full of commitments

Seeking to propose French crafts at their proper value, rediscovering them with new elegance and modernity while retaining the authenticity which we believe is so precious! A socially responsible way of thinking about gifts differently: This is what motivates LA BOÎTE FRANÇAISE!

“Made in France”

All our beautiful boxes are bespoke and made by our partner in Brittany.

An environmentally responsible box

As part of our commitment to the environment, our boxes and gift sets are made at our partner’s workshops in Brittany. They also have two qualities which will ensure that your personalised gift becomes a beautiful object which is easy to recycle: carefully chosen materials and French aesthetics!


The history of La Boîte Française

Created in 2019, the adventure of La Boîte Française began after a meeting between two passionate entrepreneurs. Two globe-trotting pleasure seekers


motivated by those things which were beautiful and good, and which could be shared.

Our project had to have meaning. We wanted to return to greater simplicity, to rediscover the land of our childhoods and the people who go with it!


We wanted to share it all with you without ever losing sight of the two key ingredients for us: consistency and solidarity. Our concept is to show you everything hiding behind our “gift boxes". To contribute, together, to making each of us responsible players in society, led by common sense, the pleasure of giving and that of receiving.

We would like to involve you in the values of our company and make this adventure a truly beautiful story.

How does it work?

It’s very straightforward. Create your gift in just 4 steps. Follow the instructions and your gift is good to go!

Boxes made from recycled paper in their natural state or navy blue; cutting edge elegant designs.

Choose a collection

Choose from our different packaging sizes.

Choose a size

We print the illustration or message chosen from the designs produced by our artist, Justine Métairie, for a unique gift!

Add a special message

Biscuits, chocolates, candles... Choose from our selection of handmade French products selected for their quality and authenticity.

Choose a handmade product


You too can share and promote the best of French crafts!

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